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Bitcoin News - December 2017

December was a super exciting month for Bitcoin, with the first live Lightning Transactions happening, some insights in the upgrades coming in 2018 and a lot of charitable donations by bitcoiners. It ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - November 2017

In November the Bitcoin price went over $10K for the first time, a historic milestone that had everyone fixated. A lot more happened this month, with SegWit2x finally getting dropped, Mark Karpeles ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - October 2017

In October the Bitcoin price reached unprecedented highs and the market cap went over $100B. It's easy to only focus on the price, but a lot more happened this month! Most notably, a lot of official ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - August 2017

In August we saw ViaBTC and Bitmain create the Bitcoin Cash fork/altcoin. SegWit finally activated after half a year of stalling and the price rose to unprecedented heights. New spam attacks and ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - July 2017

July was an intense month with a lot of deadlines for technical upgrades and anticipation of the events that would unfold in regards to scaling, resulting in SegWit eventually getting locked in. Of ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - June 2017

In June we saw some crazy price action, 80%+ of the miners showing their intent to support the SegWit2x upgrade proposal, a lot of mainstream media attention, as well as notable business icons ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - May 2017

In May we saw one of the steepest rises in the Bitcoin price ever. This resulted in a lot of mainstream media coverage and increased global adoption. The User-Activated Soft-Fork (UASF) movement ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - April 2017

In April things really heated up, and not just in terms of the bitcoin price. There were awesome announcements regarding the Lightning Network and privacy improvements. The scalability debate evolved ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - March 2017

March was a much more hostile month than the previous months, to no surprise, as there is still no consensus on the sequence of scaling the Bitcoin network. A lot of people started to use this as an ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - February 2017

February 2017 was a tense month for Bitcoin. With the upcoming ETF decision in March, ever-rising debates around the scalability of the network and the continued crackdown on Chinese exchanges. ... Continue Reading