Bitcoin News - November 2017

In November the Bitcoin price went over $10K for the first time, a historic milestone that had everyone fixated. A lot more happened this month, with SegWit2x finally getting dropped, Mark Karpeles returning to loot the Mt. Gox collapse and some promising progress in scalability through research on Bulletproofs, A Lightning Network within a Lightning Network and Graphene, more about these below.

What the monthly news is about:
Each day, usually around the same time, I pick out the most popular/relevant/interesting stories in r/bitcoin and save them, after which I release them in one batch after the month ended. This gives you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.

A recap of Bitcoin in November 2017

01: An increasing amount of businesses clarify their stance on naming issues around the SegWit2x contentious hardfork & Bitcoin reaches a new all-time-high of over $6600
02: ViaBTC announces they won’t support SegWit2x upon release but wait to see if it survives & r/Bitcoin becomes the top 200 most subscribed subreddit & A reminder that Bitcoin is about far more than the price
03: Ukraine drafts law to exempt crypto income and profits from Taxation & More companies dropped out of the ‘SegWit2x’ New York Agreement
04: Core developers and others are working on an open source chainsplit tool & A Bitcoin Handbook for beginners & A reminder that Lilly Allen turned down 200k bitcoins for a gig in 2009 & Bitcoin reaches a new all-time-high of over $7500
05: The largest Bitcoin block yet is mined at 1.6MB & Bulletproofs, a way to reduce the size of all Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) by a factor of 10 & A discussion on bitcoin’s environmental impact
06: A discussion on ‘Graphene’, a proposal for reduced filesize in block propagation & John Newberry gives some insight in how much optimisation is possible in terms of fees if businesses put in the work
07: Proof that most B2X (SegWit2x) nodes run from AWS, creating a non-decentralised network & A discussion on the impact of losing net neutrality on Bitcoin & A discussion on replay attacks during contentious hardforks
08: The SegWit2X contentious hardfork gets called off
09: BitGo’s largest customers that have upgraded to SegWit are saving nearly $100k per month in transaction fees & Microsoft has published plans to support the Bitcoin currency format in Office and Windows
10: Mark Karpeles may end up taking $859M from Mt. Gox Bankruptcy & A secret service agent stole 1600 bitcoins from the Silk Road wallet
11: Bitcoin Core 0.15.1 is released & 90% of integration tests for the Lightning Network passed successfully, up from 62% last month & RSK with Smart Contracts for Bitcoin will be launched on 4 December
12: SlushPool temporarily becomes the biggest pool mining Bitcoin as many other mining pools flock to temporarily higher BCH mining profits and slow transaction confirmation times down & Andreas Antonopoulos on scaling and how the obvious solution is not always the right one
13: Someone gives a TEDx talk on Bitcoin & CMEs CEO says futures exchange for Bitcoin will be ready in the 2nd week of December
14: There is a Bitcoin mining crackdown in China & A reminder to check your wallet’s fee settings so you don’t overpay on fees
15: Bitmex, the largest exchange by volume, will sell all of its Bcash and give its customers Bitcoin & Another reminder of the recent progress on real privacy for Bitcoin transactions from Core developers
16: Bitfinex will roll out SegWit support in a week & Pieter Wuille, the core developer who created most of SegWit, expects a proposal and implementation of Schnorr signatures in 2018 & Hyosung, one of the worlds largest ATM manufacturers announces Bitcoin support
17: SegWit2x nodes freeze 2 blocks before the initially planned hardfork, showing how the Bitcoin network would’ve halted if we had followed their software
18: People are upset that the CEOs who signed the New York Agreement aren’t apologising for the SegWit2x hard fork screwup that could have halted the Bitcoin network if it had been adopted & The community thanks the Bitcoin core developers & Mark Karpeles wants to raise $245M to revive Mt. Gox through an ICO
19: Some people are overpaying x50-100 for bitcoin transactions because of bad wallet fee estimation & Bitcoin reaches a new all-time-high of over $8000
20: deceives its app users by making BCash wallets the default
21: The Tether hacker was the same person who hacked Bitstamp and Huobi in 2015
22: A new mining company is launched by psuedonymous Bitcoin Core developer BtcDrak, to help decentralise ASIC manufacturing
23: A discussion on the ongoing attacks from BCH on BTC, giving Bitcoin some exercise in resilience
24: The Bitcoin price during all the moments the mainstream media talked it down
25: A South Korean bank is planning to add a Bitcoin savings service
26: Bitcoin reaches a new all-time-high of over $9000
27: An overview of the livestream of the Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin conference & John Carvalho and Roger Ver on Bcash vs. Bitcoin & The Great Bitcoin Bull Market of 2017 by Trace Mayer
28: r/Bitcoin reaches more subscribers than r/investing after years of uncomfortable exchanges & Elon Musk doesn’t know where his bitcoin is
29: Bitcoin reaches a new all-time-high of over $11000 & Nasdaq plans to launch Bitcoin futures in the first half of 2018
30: Bitcoin unsurprisingly gets wide coverage from mainstream media about the price