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Bitcoin News - September 2018

This month we saw an extensive analysis of $1B in bitcoin on the move, the Lightning Network surpassed 100 btc in capacity (but is also becoming harder to track by design), the biggest block yet was ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - August 2018

This month we saw Microsoft, Starbucks and NYSE parent company ICE announce their development of a cryptocurrency payment platform. The total mining power on the Bitcoin network exceeded 50 Exahashes ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - July 2018

This month we saw a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for Schnorr Signatures, another Sidechain for Bitcoin, many blocks over 2MB, over 40% SegWit adoption, a few billionaires investing in bitcoin, ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - June 2018

This month in Bitcoin we saw an increase in discussion about working towards adoption, some great new Lightning Network apps to help test the network, a $300M Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fund by VC ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - May 2018

This month we saw the amount of SegWit transactions continue to rise, talk of Wall street coming into cryptocurrency markets, news from big companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, GMO, Square and of ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - April 2018

Lots of gems this month in Bitcoin. Besides the progress on developing the Lightning Network and Bulletproofs, we got an AMA from ex Mt.Gox CEO Mark Karpeles, interesting research into Proof-of-Stake ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - March 2018

With the price crashing substantially this month, it's easy to forget all the amazing progress that has been made. The full node count reaches an all-time high, bitcoin mining and agriculture get ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - February 2018

In February the memory pool of transactions cleared up for the first time in a long time, as businesses implemented optimisations (such as SegWit) that they put off for a long time while they tried ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - January 2018

In January hundreds of people started putting the Lightning software live already, despite the warnings from developers that it isn't finished. People are incredibly eager for Bitcoin to scale. A ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News - December 2017

December was a super exciting month for Bitcoin, with the first live Lightning Transactions happening, some insights in the upgrades coming in 2018 and a lot of charitable donations by bitcoiners. It ... Continue Reading