Bitcoin News - November 2016

November seemed like a pretty casual month for Bitcoin with interesting stuff happening all around the board.

What the monthly news is about:
Each day, usually around the same time, I pick out the most popular/relevant/interesting stories in r/bitcoin and save them, after which I release them in one batch after the month ended. This gives you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.

A recap of Bitcoin in November 2016

01: Notepad++ accepts bitcoin donations & Circle expands to Spain and Ireland
02: How SegWit will help Hardware wallets & Bitmain’s new mining farm to be completed in December & Some Venezuelans are turning to Bitcoin with the bolivar crumbling
03: BTCC confirms they will be signalling for Segregated Witness
04: 118 altcoins plotted vs. Bitcoin over time & Italy’s largest taxi fleet accepts Bitcoin
05: Cannabis businesses in Colorado begin accepting Bitcoin
06: Rootstock launches its testnet
07: Peter Todd’s presentation on Bitcoin’s headaches and roadmap & Gmaxwell’s altcoin ideas list
08: The war on cash in India: In a surprise announcement 80% of the cash in the economy is phased out & A visual demo of blocks and blockchains & Someone shares his Blockchain-based GO game
09: Core developers begin work on BIP151 to achieve end-to-end encryption & Major Korean bank launches bitcoin-backed remittance service
10: Bitcoin reaches an all-time-high in Mexican pesos over the presidential elections
11: Researchers suggest a new method to scale Bitcoin & A discussion on Bitcoin marketing
12: Blockstream is praised by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for their defensive patent license for sidechains
13: Peter Thiel on Bitcoin & John McAfee’s mining operation starts mining ahead of schedule
14: An extensive guide on cryptocurrency
15: Bitcoin describd using only the 1000 most commonly used English words & Slush starts signalling for SegWit in advance
16: Sweden considers issuing its own national digital currency & Colu announces Colored Coins and Lightning Integration & Gavin Andresen on Craight Wright 6 months after
17: Bitcoin reaches 1000 CAD
18: Bitcoin sign approved in Unicode & SegWit signalling begins & The IRS wants the identities and transaction histories of all US Coinbase customers & Coinbase pledges to fight the IRS in court & ChangeTip shuts down
19: Full page Kraken advertisement in the Economist’s magazine
20: Someone open-sources their Bitcoin point-of-sale solution & Bitcoin Core developer Luke-Jr tells miners to not signal SegWit unless the community is in widespread agreement that it is a good idea
21: Wikileaks encoded message in the blockchain
22: The 16 millionth bitcoin is mined & A Segregated Witness explainer video & A list of discounts from Bitcoin merchants for Bitcoin Black Fiday
23: Coinbase gets stalky with KYC & Jiang Zhuo’er (miner) on SegWit and Bitcoin Core & A SegWit ELI5 Misinformation FAQ
24: Bitcoin trading at $1000 in India, a $300 surplus
25: Bitfury starts signalling for SegWit & Ernst & Young accepts Bitcoin and installs an ATM in their Zurich office & Mining pools stance on SegWit & Ledger launches the Leder Blue hardware wallet
26: The war on cash in India: the effects of 86% of cash being withdrawn
27: A 3.7MB block is mined on testnet with SegWit
28: WikiLeaks donations crosses 4000BTC & 100BTC ransomware is asked for the hacking of the San Francisco subway & The dangerous world of bitcoin mining in Venezuela
29: Lawyers found signs of a 3rd rogue cop tied to the Silk Road case & The home screen on swiss train ticketing machines have Bitcoin on them
30: The war on cash in Spain: cash payments limited to €1000
Thank you to everyone who is contributing to this exciting space!