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Bitcoin News – May 2019

This month we saw a new peak of 471k transactions in 24 hours, the release of Bitcoin Core 0.18, new proposals for Taproot, Schnorr signatures and Erlay, the removal of the upper limit on Lightning ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – April 2019

This month we saw Bitcoin reach over 400M transactions, big companies like Samsung and Rakuten make investments, a large rise in the global full-node count and an ongoing case about Bitfinex and ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – March 2019

This month we saw SegWit adoption rise to over 50%, the Lightning Network passed 30k channels, 7k nodes and 1k btc in capacity. The number of transactions per block at all-time highs and of course ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – February 2019

This month we saw a return to over 300k daily transactions at substantially lower fees than in the past. The #LNTrustchain initiative passed through over 137 countries. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – January 2019

This month we saw an increase of 20% in capacity on the Lightning Network, a new Bitcoin developer school in Switzerland, data on the increased number of transactions, mining decentralization, 50% of ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – December 2018

This month we saw r/Bitcoin reach 1M subscribers, Blockstream's satellite coverage go global, Bakkt raise $182.5M, more Bitcoin & Lightning nodes in one, the Lightning Network pass 500 bitcoin in ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – November 2018

This month we saw the Lightning Network rise to over $2M in capacity while still in “developer mode”, a rapid decline in price and hashpower, more tools for the Liquid sidechain, research showing ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – October 2018

This month we saw SegWit adoption rise to over 50%, the Lightning Network reach 12.5k channels, deployment of BTCPay servers in under a minute, the introduction of many stablecoins and a very stable ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – September 2018

This month we saw an extensive analysis of $1B in bitcoin on the move, the Lightning Network surpassed 100 btc in capacity (but is also becoming harder to track by design), the biggest block yet was ... Continue Reading

Bitcoin News – August 2018

This month we saw Microsoft, Starbucks and NYSE parent company ICE announce their development of a cryptocurrency payment platform. The total mining power on the Bitcoin network exceeded 50 Exahashes ... Continue Reading